Why I’m So Freaking Excited for the End of my Trip!

Counting down the days to our cruise.  Yes, the cruise to launch an array of epic vacations is near and visible on the horizon but it doesn’t feel real yet.  As the weeks get nearer to the sail date I still can’t believe it although I know that it will eventually sink in.  All I know for sure at this moment is that I will enjoy every single butterfly that will be racing around my stomach from now until that moment. Not sure how this can be considering everything is pretty set and ready to go.  This trip feels surreal even though everything is pretty much planned out at this point.  Do you ever feel like that or does this just happen to me?

The last destination on the itinerary is another country I have longed to visit for a while now.  You have no clue how relieved I am that I will be able to understand the locals and communicate without any problems.  It makes me a little nervous to travel to country where I don’t speak the language. This is a big deal for me.  Keep in mind that I am fluent in 2 languages.

One of the perks of being bilingual is having an additional option in your back pocket in case you need it.  Glad we can manage with English during out visit to Greece, Montenegro and Italy.  The more I think about it, Italy doesn’t worry me much.   Italian and Spanish are derived from Latin.  I will be able deduct some of the conversation or the gist of it by knowing Spanish.

Image Courtesy of Igor Ovsyannykov

I love to see the Puerto Rican flag around the world. Can you spot the flag? – Image Courtesy of Igor Ovsyannykov

Spain is the last country we will visit on our trip.  Growing up in Puerto Rico I was exposed to Spain and it’s pop culture. From their popular music, movies, magazines and tv networks.  They were the first to colonize the island when Christopher Columbus arrived to “discover” Puerto Rico.  Not sure how someone can discover a place where folks already live in community but that is another story.

They are responsible for the architecture and the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan that still stand today. Also their influence is reflected in the language that drives the my island.  I know there is much more to Spain than just the colonization of my island so I have already started my research on Spain.

What I am looking forward to experience in Barcelona

Beyond ecstatic that we will finally get to explore Barcelona first hand.  Everyone I know that has visited this magical city regrets leaving. They all fell in love with the living history, architecture, art, food and culture of this thriving city.  Barcelona is a city that draws travelers with it’s vibrant architecture and colorful culture.  Here are some of the things I am looking forward to.


Get inspired by Antoni Gaudí’s unique architectural style.  He has designed some of the world’s most iconic buildings, the Palau Güell and La Sagrada Familia to name a few.  The ornate details that distinguish his creations seem like they are straight out of a fairy tale.

“Elegance is the sister of poverty, but one must not confuse poverty with misery.”

Antoni Gaudí


Unique and amazing architecture in Barcelona. – Image courtesy of Tyler Hendy


Spain is known for their Paella and Tapas.  I will not visit a place without trying the cuisine that sets them apart, Especially when I am already very fond of Paella and Tapas.  I always wonder if what I have already tried lives up to their standards or not.  I really don’t need an excuse to try some food out.  I will not pass up the opportunity to savor some fresh seafood while there.  Tapas are also a great way to have a little bit of everything.  Perfect for when I can’t make up my mind about what I want. Problem solved. Enjoy a  little bit of everything!


Just look at this amazing dish! – Image courtesy of Cel Lisboa


Coffee besides being a priority in my life, obvs, fuels me. I am keen on starting the day with a cup or two especially when exploring a new city. I love exploring and discovering local coffee spots to enjoy a truly local experience.  Sangria is the official drink of Spain and who needs a reason to enjoy some?  Not me for sure. Can’t wait to enjoy some while cooling off.  Also, they will compliment the Paella and Tapas I plan on enjoying.  It doesn’t get any more typical than that!  If there is then I am not aware yet.  Happy to share my learnings and experiences so stay tuned for that.

Savoring Barcelona

This trip will allow us to savor a taste of the many different countries we would not be able to visit all at once.  Looking forward to pinpointing where we would like to return to.  I know time is limited on cruises considering the small windows allotted at each port but it is definitely a start.  You have to start from somewhere and I am beyond excited even though it doesn’t really feel real yet. Grateful to have set aside some additional time to explore Barcelona.

Image Courtesy of David Clarke

Charming hallways draped in bougainvillea. – Image Courtesy of David Clarke

Soon we will be able to walk among the impressive architecture, get lost in the museums, marvel at sculptures and the pristine gardens that have inspired countless works of art.  I am looking forward to way to many experiences that I would like to be as realistic as possible in order to meet my exceptions but also enjoy myself there.  No sense in rushing from spot to spot.  Experiences are meant to be savored.

If you have any suggestions on Barcelona please don’t hesitate to share. Help a girl out 😀

Join me on my journey!










– Featured image courtesy of Camille Minouflet


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