Postcards from Taormina

Taormina is a lovely town in Sicily that is just what you envision when you think about a little old town in Sicily.  Granted, Taomina is extremely croweded during high season but beautiful.  A stroll down the picturesque streets you will definitely understand why this was the go to destination for over a couple of hundreds of years.  They are lined with medieval buildings and stunning views of the sea.

Here are just a few pictures from our day in Taormina.


Caminando por el Corso Umberto cerca de la Chiesa di San Giuseppe.

Strolling down Corso de Umbero passing by the Chiesa di San Giuseppe.


Fontana di Orione es una impresionante fuente poligonal de estilo barroco ubicada en la Plaza de la Catedral.

Fontana di Orione is a stunning per-baroque style polygonal fountain located in the Cathedral Square.


Torre dell'Orologio, a torre del reloj, data del siglo XII. Está situado en Corso Umberto, cerca de la plaza principal.

Torre dell’Orologio, the clock tower, dates back to the 12th century. It is situated on Corso Umberto near the IX April square.


Hay tanto detalles hermosos de la architectura en Taormina.

So much beautiful architecture to take in everywhere you look.


Los artistas delietan a todos con los colores vivos de su arte a lo large del Corso Umberto.

Local artists feature their colorful art along the picturesque Corso Umberto.



Es fácil soñar con la architectura hermosa al caminar por el Corso Umberto.

The amazing architecture along Corso Umberto embodies day dreams.


Vista del Teatro Griego desde el Corso Umberto.

Stunning view of the Greek Theater from Corso Umberto.


Los balcones de Taormina son parte del encanto de esta preciosa ciudad.

The beautiful balconies in Taormina add to the charm of this city.


Este teatro griego fue construido en el siglo III AC todavía se usa hoy.

This Greek Theater was built in the 3rd-century B.C. is still used today.


Porta Messina es entrada histórica de la ciudad.

Porta Messina is the historic doorway to the city.


The pictures do no justice to the beauty in this stunning seaside city.  Would love to know which one is your fave.

Join me on my journey!



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