Postcards from Oia


The day we were slated to visit Santorini was one of my favorite days of the cruise.  I woke up before dawn to make sure I was able to enjoy my morning latte as we approached the island.  The stunning daybreak painted the water and the buildings of Oia.  The morning rays glowed beautifully on the famous staircase that entertained countless travelers from port to Oia.

The view from the Oia itself was simply breathtaking.   The horizon met the ocean beautifully every which way I looked.  I felt at home, in my element on an island.  The smell of the salty air and warm breeze transported me to my happy place in the tropics. I know I wasn’t in the Caribbean but during that moment I felt I was home.


Here are just a few pictures from our day in Oia.



No hay palabras para describir lo que sentí durante el momento que disfuraba un café delitandome con esta vista.

No words to describe the feeling as a enjoyed an early morning latte.



Las fotos icónicas de Santorini son todas de Oia.

The iconic views of Santorini are all in Oia.



Nos encontramos una esquina acogedora repleta de libros.

Stumbled across an amazing little nook full of books.



Quedé flechada con las vistas surreales de Oia.

I fell in love with the breathtaking views of Oia.



Hay tanto que ver mientras caminas por Oia.

So much to see as you walk around Oia.



Oia se destaca por la architectura que ayuda a mantener el calor del sol fuera.

Oia’s architecture aids in keeping the heat out of the buildings.



Me encanta la trinitaria porque me recuerda mucho a Puerto Rico. Sus colores brillantes siempre me hacen sonreir.

I have a fondness for bougainvillea as they remind me of home. Their bright colors always bring a smile to my lips.



La belleza abunda en Oia.

So much beauty all around Oia.



Visiting Oia was a dream come true.  Santorini was on my bucket list of places to discover and I have to admit I can’t wait to go back.  I would definitely stick to low season for the flexibility to explore the island more comfortably.  There is just way too many people during high season which hinders my ability to explore freely.  The heat does not bother me at all since the weather is very similar to Puerto Rico.


Would love to know which photo is your fave.

Join me on my journey!



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