Postcards from Kotor

Stepping into Kotor is kind of like stepping into a fairy tale.  The majestic mountains that adorn the Bay of Kotor lead you into a medieval fortress of a medieval city.  The city of Kotor was founded in the 5th century B.C. the Ancient Romans and has long been conquered by many civilizations along the way.  The rich naval history of this fortified port is unlike any other coastal city along the Adriatic Sea.

This city was built to deter intruders from the ground up.  The advantages provided by stunning mountains announced any unwelcome visitors long before they were able to make their way in.  The city boasts the best defense inside its walls too!  The streets were constructed in a labyrinth manner ideal to confuse and disorient outsiders.  I admit to getting lost but it was perfect to just explore the city at my own pace.  Each turn presented a new marvel.


Check out the stunning historic city of Old Kotor


La vista espectacular de la Bahía de Kotor de camino a la Iglesia Nuestra Señora de los Remedios que fue construida en el 1518.

Stunning views of the Bay of Kotor on our way to the Church of Our Lady of Remedy built in 1518.


Viajando por el camino a los miradores de Kotor.

Traveling through the ancient trails to the fortifications of Kotor


La vista espectácular de los puntos estratégicos de Kotor.

Spectacular views of the strategic lookouts from inside the city.


De camino a entrar a Kotor por el Portón del Mar que fue construido en el 1555.

Headed into the Sea Gate, otherwise known as the West Gate dates back to 1555.


La Bahía de Kotor tiene una historía única que puede ser trazada hasta el sigo 12.

The Bay of Kotor has a rich naval history that dates back to the 12th century.


Kotor es la mezcla perfecta del pasado y el presente.

Kotor is the perfect juxtaposition of old and new world.


La Iglesia de San Lucas fue construida en el 1195.

St. Luke’s Church was built in 1195 primarily as a Catholic but hosted other services.


Una mezcla idónea del viejo y nuevo mundo.

Swoon worthy architecture is the perfect juxtapostion of old and new.


Me fascinan los detalles que adornan la entrada del Portón al Mar.

Fascinated by the intricate details that adorn the Sea Gate.



Hay tanto que descubrir en las calles de Kotor.

So much to discover along the streets of Kotor.


La vista increible de la Bahía de Kotor des la Position del St. Roko.

The stunning view of the Bay of Kotor from the St. Roko position.


I had no idea Kotor existed until we planned our trip!  Would love to know which one is your fave.  Drop me a line down below.

Join me on my journey!



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