Planning My Dream Vacation

After many years of wishing upon a vacation I finally decided to put our wishes into action.  I was not sure of what kind of vacation we would take but if there was one thing I was sure of was that I wanted to relax.  To be able to just chill out.  Lay out by a beautiful body of water wether it would be an stunning ocean or pool.

Water is the most calming place I can be near, particularly the ocean.  Growing up on a beautiful island in the Caribbean I was surrounded by many beaches I could simply run to.  During college, I spent my Friday’s studying on the beach.  Studying and reviewing my notes to the symphony of the waves and birds.  My books and notebooks were full of sand but that did not bother me at all.  I can hear that sound right now and it just brings a smile to my lips. This gave me the opportunity to relax after handling my school work.  Instant gratification for me because it seemed I had the beach all to myself because not a lot of people visited the beach on Fridays.

The first decision was deciding what kind of destination I wanted to discover.   Out of all the places on my bucket list, the ocean was somewhere I longed to be at.  I am the first to admit I have been spoiled by the Caribbean.  Fortunate to live on an island where I could enjoy both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea but I want to explore different oceans.  In spite of all the places I could visit in Puerto Rico or the Caribbean I need to explore other destinations. Don’t get me wrong. Puerto Rico is an island where Summer is year long and the most popular hashtag is #ilivewhereyouvacation because of the stunning landscapes and beaches.  I plan on experiencing each and every ocean first hand at some point in my life.

The ocean was the obvious choice but I needed to narrow down the places I had not been before. The list is long and never-ending but my thoughts continued to return to a country I studied in college.  I took a Greek history class that I still remember details from, particularly the details of the pottery and how they painted elaborate designs with fire.  Fascinating how they painted with fire! Ok, enough geeking out for now.

Greece is a country I wanted to see with my very own eyes for as long as I can remember.  An amazing civilization rich in culture, mythology and historic landmarks that us capable of inducing lucid daydreams.  Santorini, Athens, Crete, Delphi and Mykonos are just a few of the cities I am fond of even though I have never set foot there.

The options were endless and the iconic cities to visit were too many to count.  I needed to narrow it down so this trip would not get out of hand. As you can see the options were overwhelming. I want to do and see it all. Visit all the cities I had only read about in college. How am I to narrow it down while soaking it all in as much as possible?  That is my biggest challenge and still is from time to time. Not an expert yet, nor do I intend to portray myself as one, I am leaning to pace myself when possible.  Planning it out has been very effective in helping me conquer that FOMO.  Things do not always go as planned but that is the beauty of life.  Learn to embrace the unexpected for it will most definitely make a cameo.

After countless hours of research I realized the answer was right in front of me all along.  My dream vacation was going to be on a cruise. The ideal vacation to relax and explore new destinations.  The variety of adventures awaiting at each port is extremely exciting and get my wheels spinning.  A cruise would allow me to experience a taste of the major cities and determine where I would love to spend more time my next time around. This trip to Greece will be the first of many adventures to come.

I am creating a plan to make the most of such an epic trip while adhering to a budget but leaving some room for the unexpected.   I do not know where my trip to Greece will end up taking me and I can only tell you I am beside myself.  Never did I imagine the spectacular destinations I would be visiting but I know I would only regret not embarking on this journey.

“If you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails.”

Stay tuned for the more details on the epic trip to the Mediterranean that will kick off the trips of our lives. Wait to you hear about the other cities on our itinerary and how make this possible.  If we were able to make this happen so can you.  Let me tell you all about it 🙂 Join me on my journey!



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