My Shocking Carry On Essentials

Vacations can be exhilarating for some until they consider the intricacies of traveling.  The actual process of getting get from place A to the destination. Those feelings can intensify when you factor in flying. I have always enjoyed flying and not intimidated at all by it.  To me it has always been a means to an end. A part of the journey as long as I am well equipped. Throughout the years I have developed several tips and hacks to help my experience become more enjoyable.

The most stressful part of flying for me has got to be all of the procedures we must endure with the TSA.  I loathe taking my shoes off and having to walk around in my socks to then put my shoes back on. You could easily spot me changing into a clean pair of socks and carefully putting in the dirty pair of socks into a bag.  There was no way I would be putting my shoes back on after that. This situation was easily remedied once I obtained the Global Entry pass. No more having to prance around in my socks!

There are no words to describe how grossed out it makes me just to think about it.  I won’t even get started walking around barefoot in an airport. To each their own but I just can’t.  Age has definitely increased my aversion to germs. Not gonna lie but instead will embrace it. That’s just how I roll.



La hibridación es clave para viajes largos.

Hidration is key for long trips.


Water is the most important element to your body and the quickest to evaporate when you are traveling on a plane.  I never leave home without my water bottle. It keeps me accountable for making sure I up my daily intake and also save money.  Airports can suck the money right out of your bank account really quick. No brainer right? It goes beyond the convenience tax and straight to being the only place you can purchase something at the moment.  Save some money and take your own bottle.

My skin gets easily dehydrated and even more so on a plane.  The recycled air will really do a number on me, inside and out.  I love to carry facial mist to hydrate my skin during a flight. A combination of a little pamper sesh, a dash of aromatherapy and some much-needed hydration.  I really love the Caudalie Beauty Elixir for all of its benefits but also for the boost of radiance it gives my skin. I also love a rose mist as a great alternative.  Just a little pick me up for me and my skin. Could very well just be a mental thing but it really awakens my skin and gives me a little something to smile about. Also, a great way to combat sneaky odors you may encounter on a plane.


Disinfecting Wipes

La limpieza me relaja.

Cleanliness is comforting to me.

Many think it is kinda intense to travel with wipes but germs bother me.  Ok, honestly. They bother me a lot! You are stuck on a plane for a few hours and will get exposed to many germs and filth.  Think about it. How many people are traveling on the same plane daily? Way too many to count. How much time does the crew have to actually prep the plane?  Not a lot. As soon as they land the passengers get out there is a whole new slew of passengers boarding for the next flight. Gross right? Yes, I definitely think so.

I keep the wipes in a handy place to make sure I clean the area around me.  For me, it’s important to clean off the armrests, the tray table, seat belts and anything else I can think of at the moment.  Do folks look at me funny? Yes, they do and I just don’t care. I prefer to wipe down my space for the flight for health and peace of mind reasons.  To some, it may seem extreme but to each their own.


Hand Sanitizer

My bags will have a convenient and easy access to hand sanitizer at all times.  Again, way too many folks are passing by from who knows where. Germs come and go in highly trafficked areas so I need to have a way to keep sanitized at all times.  Granted, it will never be 100% but the more the merrier. I was not always such a clean conscious person (aka clean freak) but have become one throughout the years. Not ashamed and will continue to make sure I am comfortable wherever I am.  My husband may look at me sideways and get embarrassed but that is on him to deal with it.

So by now, you may have learned how grossed out I am by germs and filth.  I bet you had no idea there was such a germaphobe under this calm and collected demeanor.  Don’t worry, I am very carefree and fun to be around but I will not waste my precious time dealing with unnecessary sickness.  Face it, we all get a little weirder with time and those are just some of my non negotiables.


Now, I want to know.  What do you need to take in your carry on?



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