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Traveling to a new destination can easily strain your ability to make more educated decisions on where to wander around because you are not familiar with the territory.  The comforts of neighborhood lie in the ability to navigate the safe zones. You already know where you should stray from beside knowing the language. This is also another factor that always makes me a little uneasy considering I need to be aware of my surroundings at all times.

Enfócate en la belleza que te rodea.

Focus on the beauty around you.

Blending in will not only keep you safer but will also keep your luggage down to a manageable size.  Don’t be an easy target and be sure to leave certain items at home. Besides this will also help you narrow down the items you will be bringing with you.  It may be hard to lose sight that trends in your hometown or country are not the same as the destination where you will be visiting. That may be a dead giveaway but if you can help tone it down quite a bit you will be able to get out the door quicker.  Less time to get ready is more time to enjoy your vacay.

Not sure this can qualify as purely a safety or aesthetic issue but I love to travel as low key as possible.  Less is way more helpful than having options. I used to toss so many items into my luggage just in case I needed them.  Truth be told, they were never needed.  Overpacking to be prepared is the biggest lie you can tell yourself.  I’ve also been a victim of this lie and have chosen to never fall victim to it again.

I noticed this happened often when I tried to incorporate trendy pieces.  The problem with trendy is that they are flashy and only meant to be worn as a specific OOTD.  Hello, giant mistake! I am so done with it. Also, I am not a fashion blogger who lives solely to exhibit her OOTD for the gram.  I love to share my experiences and destinations with you as authentically as possible. I may look cute and fashionable but honestly not my priority.   Let’s be real.

Sports Memorabilia

Nothing screams tourist more than rocking your favorite team’s gear.  Leave t-shirts and sweatshirts of your favorite team or league. The only football that is considered a sport is what people stateside know as soccer.   Support your team at home but take a break from it while overseas. This is a great moment to immerse yourself in another culture and enjoy basic items from your wardrobe. Simplicity is key to getting more use out of your items as you will be able to mix and match them easily.

Baseball Caps

Don’t get me wrong, hats are big everywhere but they seem to be more sophisticated in Europe.  They are a great alternative to protecting your face and neck from getting a beat down by the sun but also elevate any outfit.  Your baseball cap with your favorite team will not be a conversation starter and could end up alienating you. What if the only other North American tourist supports your rival team?  Absence can only make the love grow stronger so you will enjoy your items when you return home. Your ride or die team will completely understand if you don’t announce your unconditional love and support on the daily.


The style was a common denominator we witnessed throughout Europe but everyone seemed very comfortable too.  They did not seem to be sacrificing comfort to be elegant. A far cry from what we see in the good old USA where people dine out in a tee and flip-flops.  Sneakers are a staple anywhere but in Europe, we did see a lot of Adidas, Converse, Supergas, and Saucony. Not all rocked the trainers outside of the gyms so you could tell who was a tourist.  I am a firm believer that flip-flops are meant for the beach, the pool or just being around the house instead of prancing around everywhere. Not interested in seeing everyone’s toes please, especially if their feet are a hot mess, but they can be a hazard.  Footwear needs to be flexible to aid in any terrain you may encounter.

Sácale el jugo a tu viaje.

Savor every moment of your trip.

Traveling is exciting and should be filled with awe and adventure but safety is key.  Sticking out like a sore thumb is not something I embrace when traveling. Don’t get me wrong.  I am the first to debate that comfort is key and would rather be decked out in athleisure but recognize that there is a time and a place for everything.  Just a simple updates to your traveling wardrobe will positively impact your style and mood. Also, your photos will be a tad more timeless if you elevate your look with simple and understated pieces.  A black tee with jeans and sneakers can withstand the test of time a bit more than extremely trendy pieces. This is where key accessories come in to mix it up and transition the basic to extraordinary.

Now it’s your turn to fill me in on what you will leave at home at when traveling overseas.  I want to know how you transition your everyday pieces into special getaway pieces.


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