Getaway to Helen

Germany has been on my list of countries to visit for a while.  For some reason or another, I have not been yet.  Something always tends to get in the way but more on that later.

Disfruta un paseo retro.

Stroll back in time while you enjoy Helen, GA.

We stumbled across a magical little town in the mountains that is a little piece of Germany in Georgia.  Helen is a beautiful small town nestled away in the mountains boasts a population of 542 residents.  Their main street is filled with little shops, places to eat and of course beer gardens in beautiful old world Bavarian architecture. The most adorable buildings will lead you to believe you hanging out in the Bavarian Alps. One trip to Helen and you will understand why it is the 3rd most visited city in Georgia.  It does not get better than that!  Bring on the carbs in a fun little place to hang and I will meet you there.

Otra vista de la plaza principal de Helen.

Another view from the main square in Helen.

I loved this little getaway into the mountains that were just a road trip away.  Did not require any extensive planning, currency exchanges and did not expect me to travel for hours on end. It was the perfect weekend trip to unwind and regroup in a fun town. To be perfectly honest, I prefer to visit during the winter season than summer because of the crowds.  Easier to explore during low season with fewer crowds. The traffic alone would be a major deterrent.

So to continue with the theme, we stayed at the Helendorf Inn. A cozy hotel with vibrant hosts that make you feel at home as quickly as you check in.  The architecture of the inn was adorable and the location was ideal right across the river.  The sweet lullaby of the river flow of was soothing and it was within walking distance of everything. Not going to lie, it was very cold but still a treat to just walk around and explore.


But first, Coffee

El café siempre va primero

A whole latte love at Higher Ground Coffee

Always, always, always.  My days begin with coffee by choice.  If I am able to enjoy a great cup of coffee over a great conversation then my morning has just gotten off to a great start.  There is just something so intimate in the art of enjoying a great cup with another great human.  *Insert my husband here.

Enjoyed several lattes at Higher Ground Coffee, a local coffee shop, during our visit.  Don’t let their quaint size fool you, they will take their time to prepare your coffee just how you like it.  Great baristas are hard to come by so when you discover one, let them know they made your day!  Definitely, an ideal spot to warm up in, inside and out, while you get some people watching in.

Main Street

The main streets are filled with many shops that offer some kind of souvenir or knick-knack.  Just like any other touristy destination but occasionally you will find some awesome treasures.  It is always fun to see what people offer in their stores and what some folks will actually buy.

La calle principal de Helen

The most adorable Main Street.

I found something in Helen that I had been looking for years and there are no words to describe the joy it brought me.  When I was a little girl, I was gifted a glass mug with my name engraved on it.  It was a present I treasured because it was a gift from a very special person.  After many years of use, I broke it randomly and was just heartbroken.   Lo, and behold I found the same mug with the same type of engraving.  I hit the jackpot when I least expected it!!!  I had stopped searching for a replacement years ago and I stumbled across it by accident when I least expected it.  Needless to say, I took home a mug and some wine glasses.  I have learned along the way not to spend any money on useless items but practical souvenirs are always a great idea.  If you are able to use them then they are well worth it.

Night on the Town

Enjoying some brews at Troll Tavern.

Enjoyed some brews over at the Troll Tavern after a not so enjoyable experience elsewhere.  Let me just say the local cover band did not rock enough to make me want to stay inside a smoke infested room with no escape hatch.  Everybody and their mother was smoking up in that joint and they could give a fog machine a run for its money any day.


The Troll Tavern is a great spot with no smoke and a great bartender who made our evening more enjoyable.  We practically had the bar all to ourselves with the exception of another couple looking to just chill out. The best part was the walk to the hotel! No need to drive but just actually enjoy the walk back.

Our getaway to Helen was both fun and relaxing.  Gave us an opportunity to relax and explore a new destination on our own terms.  There is just something special about a weekend spent discovering new spots. Don’t discount a destination just because you can drive there.   Sometimes the best getaways are just a road trip away.  Do you have any getaways planned?

Join me on my journey!



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