Ending my 30s Gracefully

This year has been pivotal in my life to say the least.  Turning 40.  The big 4 0.  Ironic how sometimes I can’t quite place my age and have to do some quick math to figure it out.  I really do forget what age I am sometimes.  Crazy but true.  Growing up, I recall counting every milestone and the in between.  9 and a half was a legit thing. Counting down to 18, 21 and so on.  Had a brief meltdown at 25 because I was not where I thought I would be at 25.  Silly me. Not sure how I actually thought I might have it together by 25.

In retrospect I really have NO idea how I ever fathomed that could be possible.  About to turn 40 and still don’t have it together.  Seems feel like we will never really have it together.  Deep down we are all just kids trying to figure it out.  Some of us mature more than others to say the least but we all continue to accumulate birthdays regardless.  Learning to be graceful with myself and accepting that I am evolving and growing continually. Accepting that life is a journey, not a sprint.

So on to the responsible adulting.  I have been working my butt off for decades.  Being a responsible person trying to get by doing the right thing.  Dreaming of adventures in faraway lands, living vicariously through boards and pins on Pinterest along with pictures in my Instagram feed but never really having the courage to actually take a trip abroad.  It is just too expensive.  We can’t afford the airline tickets, the hotel, the food and the list goes on and on.   We can go once we win the lottery.  Does this sound familiar?

Exhausted of putting these dreams aside that I decided to take action.   I designated this is the year of living unapologetically. The year where I will start to make those wanderlust dreams come true.  I am determined to make these adventures become a reality today and will stop living for a tomorrow for that is not guaranteed.   The year where I would start to put me first while I still can instead of regretting the wasted time I let slip through my fingers.

Finally put into motion one of my dream vacations. A destination I had been wanted to visit for longer than I can remember.  Many hours down the rabbit hole of the interwebs.  Researching, comparing and double checking to finally commit to THE vacation.  Ending my 30s with an epic vacation spanning a few countries instead of the initial country I had set my eyes upon.   Can’t wait to share it all with you.  Stay tuned for more on this adventure.

Join me on my journey.



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