The Proven Method to Carefree Cruising

Cruises make you feel like royalty.  The level of pampering is outrageous. You get waited on hand and foot everywhere you go.  The options are extravagant and plentiful so you can enjoy as much of what you really want. It is extremely easy to get caught up in the variety and availability.

Everything gets taken care of so you don’t have to.  Your room is spotless, the bed is made and you don’t need to pick up the kitchen after a meal.  What an amazing feeling. Walking away from a messy kitchen without a care in the world. That feeling of enjoying a meal and not having to clean up is pretty sweet!

There is something relaxing about not have to plan everything.  You stroll out of your room to catch a bite to eat, grab a latte or a drink.  No rush. I enjoy being able to walk around without having to drive anywhere. Walking is a great way to keep the body moving without having to endure a hardcore cardio sesh.  We hit the gym at least once during that trip but the rest of our exercise was acquired during all of our walkings. Our fitness trackers helped us maintain a log of our physical activity. It showed us how much ground we really covered while exploring these new destinations.

Me fascina ver esta combinación de las piedras y las plantas.

Love the cohesiveness of the stones and the plants.

Vacations are meant to be savored, moment by moment.  That carefree attitude is fueled by not wearing a watch.  It is nice to actually not have to worry about being anywhere. I will get there when I get there. My husband will worry for the both of us because he requires time to function.  Clearly, I don’t unless it is absolutely necessary. I rarely wear a watch on vacation but I have the capacity to adult if I must. Certain details will factor in a considerable amount of consideration but ultimately it depends on the importance.  Tour times or onboarding to not get left behind at port are some of those important details I planned around.

To really be carefree and enjoy that vacation as much as possible I put a little adulting into the mix.  Adulting is required every now and then so I transition into that mindset. Enough to not have to think about it later.  No need to waste precious time to hunt down last minute stuff. I have learned that getting the difficult tasks out of the way first it will be easier to accomplish the rest. Once those tasks are taken care of the rest seems to be a breeze.

I have put together the most random items I take on a cruise.  Not all items will work for everyone but this is what works for me.  There may be some items you may not expect and some you may. All of our trips and situations will vary but that is the beauty of traveling.  You may need the most unexpected things while on vacation. That is life!

Tanta belleza entre el mar y las montañas.

The beauty of the sea and the mountains in once place.

First Aid Kit

The last thing anyone wants to do is get sick on vacation.  No brainer right? Talk about the most uncomfortable situation ever, getting sick on vacation.  Whatever the symptoms are you are not in your home. It is downright inconvenient and will put a wrench in your plans.

Chances are you will be able to find whatever you need on the ship but it will cost you. The choice is rough, pay the convenience tax or struggle to find some alternatives at the nearest port.   No one wins with those odds!

Plan ahead just in case your body decides to tango with an unexpected illness.  Hit up the travel section of your local retailer to get convenient to go versions or use what you available.  It is better to take and not need it than to suffer without it.

  • Acetaminophen / Aspirin
  • Band-Aids
  • Stomach Remedies for all aspects
  • Triple Antibiotic
  • Throat Lozenges
  • Allergy Medicine
  • Ear Plugs
  • Any necessary medication
  • Tea (Chamomile, Green Tea)
  • Aloe Vera (treat sunburns)
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant


Hydration is key for every day but it becomes crucial when traveling.   You need to make sure you are as hydrated as possible while on vacation.  Routines shift to include more activity, alcohol, changes in diet and in some circumstances even less sleep.  Make sure to up the consumption of water by bringing your favorite water bottle. No need to rush around looking for water to purchase and you will always know which is your bottle.

It can get very expensive and wasteful to stay hydrated if you have to purchase water constantly.  I carry a water bottle at all times to keep myself hydrated and reduce my footprint. Leading a sustainable life is something I am passionate and have been incorporated into my everyday actions.

My body and finances reward me for my efforts.  Those who know me are can attest to my love water and how particular I can be.  Keeping that water bottle clean is a priority when you carry it with you at all times.  Bacteria can accumulate if you go too long without cleaning your bottle.

Dishwashing liquid will allow you to maintain that water bottle in optimum condition and the water tasting delicious.  A little dishwashing liquid can go a long way. The little things typically get taken for granted but they can have the biggest impact. I like my water to taste amazing at all times!


Traveling has taught me to not overpack. I used to be that girl that carried around heavy suitcases filled with items I never used.   The most valuable lesson I have learned was how to curate my wardrobe for trips. There is something liberating about not having to carry so much stuff but actually choosing items you really love.

Streamline your luggage by choosing a color palette.  Identify pieces that can easily be mixed and matched to travel lighter. Consider incorporating some key accessories to change it up. Bold earrings or a fun necklace can shift an outfit dramatically.  Ditch the excess and be intentional with your wardrobe.

Take it a step further to travel even lighter.  Carry some laundry detergent to clean on the go.  There are special travel sizes that are extremely convenient to wash in your quarters or the machines.  All cruise ships have laundromats to wash and dry easily. It did not take a long time and before we knew it we had clean clothes.

¡Hay tanto que ver!

So much to see!


These are just some ways in which I like to prepare for a trip.  Timing and environment will also influence the planning process but these measures can be implemented as a starting point.  A great kit can save you plenty of time and energy in a tight situation.

What are your must-have items for a cruise that are out of the ordinary? Tell me what is the most important item you must include.

Join me on my journey!


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