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CitizenUnplugged - Travel Blog

Tania Ramos is a bilingual travel blogger based in Nashville who focuses on traveling on a budget.

Citizen Unplugged is a bilingual travel blog.  It is dedicated to providing valuable travel knowledge to inspire wanderlust, help you plan dream vacations while sticking to your budget and how use travel hacks for an amazing experience.  Also where to get amazing coffee and food at every destination because we all know where our priorities are.

I created this bilingual travel blog to motivate others to stop dreaming about breathtaking destinations and simply start traveling.  Life is too short to not gather experiences.  I needed to stop dreaming and start exploring. Whether they are abroad, across the country to just a short drive away.

For longer than I would like to admit,  I used to believe the numerous  excuses I justified for not traveling. Ranging from the popular it’s too expensive to I simply did not have the time.  Beyond grateful for the reality check that life provided.  It has shifted my perspective, teaching me it is never too late to start living the life you have always wanted. The time is now to start enjoying all the breathtaking destinations and learn first hand about different cultures.

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