3 Factors to Guarantee an Epic Vacation

As the new year approaches, I sit down to think about the goals I want to achieve.  This also includes all the experiences I want to try out and the places I want to explore.  Now that we are about to embark on 2018 I suggest you also think about all of the wonderful possibilities you can also experience.  Traveling is an attainable goal if you plan ahead and stick to your objectives.

With that out of the way.  Determining where your dream vacation will be this year requires some work on your part.  No need to worry, we’ll take it one step at a time.  I have put together some variables to consider before embarking on some deep research.  The goal is to narrow down the destinations before going all in. Let’s face it. Planning a vacation can seem like a part-time job and honestly, not everyone has time for that.

You must do some research on the destinations you are interested in.  This has got to be the toughest choice of all but once you narrow down the destination it will get easier.  The other decisions will compliment the most difficult of all.  This will help you enjoy your trip and have as much fun as you can.

We are not all created equal and that is ok. That is the beauty of life. We don’t all share the same taste, preferences, and hobbies. Use that to your advantage and don’t choose a destination because it seems to be the popular place to visit.  Your vacation has to be special to the most important person of all. You! Can you imagine if everyone did the same thing? Boring and crowded.  Don’t get me wrong, some crowds can be expected depending on the season but not the whole world.  Winning!

Relax, Explore, Compete, etc…

What do you expect to gain from your vacation? Are you looking to relax, attend an intense fitness competition, get your education on or meet up with long lost friends in a new setting.  Whatever your plan is it will require you to jot down some goals.  Once the purpose of your vacation is determined then you have an important factor down.

Do you picture yourself on a beach sipping piña coladas, lounging by the pool without a care in the world, hiking a rad trail, zip lining through a breathtaking view,  being pampered on a cruise ship, skiing down a thrilling slope or snowboarding your way around the mountain?  Once you narrow down the actual purpose then you can move on to mapping out possible destinations.

Low VS High Season

Understanding the weather and how it fluctuates is essential to planning your trip.  Of course, this will depend on the type of vacation you are looking to enjoy but keep in mind this can have a significant impact on the price of the trip.  The low season usually equals low cost but this will fluctuate on the travel destination.

There is an abundant source of historical data available online that provides information regarding the most popular months to determine the high and low season.  If you are traveling sans children and prefer to limit your exposure to them then you must also take seasonal info into consideration.  Some prefer to endure hotter or even colder temperatures if it would save them some money.  Remember that you will not be able to start your research on this factor until you have determined what your destination will be.  Don’t get overwhelmed by all these decisions and know that you are only planning for one trip at a time.

Choose to Invest in Yourself

Money can be the source of our frustrations but learning how to adhere to your budget will be the easiest thing you can do for yourself. Sure it can seem that we don’t have enough money to afford our dream vacation but in reality it is easier than you think.  Your view on life can change if you put more emphasis on acquiring experiences than material things.  We have all enjoyed that brief dopamine rush when purchasing an amazing pair of shoes or top we just spotted while shopping.  Unfortunately, it is a fleeting feeling that goes away pretty quick once we’ve been able to wear it a few times.  The experiences you’re acquire while traveling are memories you will be able to cherish forever.

You don’t have to pay for everything at once.  Consider purchasing each portion of the trip individually.  You can pay for air travel tickets first once you have narrowed down the destination and actual dates.  Then you can start researching the accommodations, whether you interested in staying at an Airbnb or if you prefer to stay in a hotel.  You can book your stay later after you already have your travel tickets.  Once those details are out of the way, you can set money aside for the rest of the trip such as meals, transportation, and sightseeing.   Not only will this make your trip more manageable but it will be easier for you financially allowing you to save up for the rest.

My recent trip gave me the opportunity to pay for air travel, lodging, transportation and meals in separate portions.  Not only did this make our trip manageable but has relieved a lot of the strain a major trip can cause.   A cruise offers the opportunity to split the payments instead of having to pay the whole trip upfront.  We were able to secure our trip by paying a deposit and pay it off in installments.  This made our trip easier to fund without feeling overwhelmed, emotionally or economically.  I can’t believe I hadn’t considered a cruise in the past.  I had been so focused on needing to fund the full vacation from the get-go that I had put it off for way too long.


Get motivated!  Get ready to plan your next vacation now.


Where are you going in 2018?




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